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How to Make Money Online.

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Web ROI ® is the first game ever to learn how to make money online. It has been unveiled in its B2B edition on March 18th 2014 in Perpignan, France.
The online version will be out this summer: Free online educational game
More information here: This summer: Learn how to make money online for free

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Did you know that ROI means Return On Investment in English but means King in French (as in king of the web)? Just a coincidence or again a case of French arrogance?

About the game:
This boardgame teaches how to gain rank and authority on the web in your field. Then, how to translate this trafic into hard bucks that you can use to pay the rent!

The game is designed to get the player to enjoy a good run marketing his products or services on internet. Answers to all questions are pretty intuitive and the idea is to get the player to the end of the game when he can work out the sales, cost of revenue and his forecasted gross margin on the web.

This game is a simulation of running a website: Learn how to make money out of your website's traffic.
The player learns how to manage online sales, increase the number of requests for quotes or return on investment from ads.

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